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I PROMISE This Is The Last Time I’ll Post About This


Seeing the gifs from Toby and Adelaide’s Vh1 SDCC interview has got me cracking up over again. I want to see this boy do some comedy before it’s all said and done, because I know he would be fucking brilliant.

I can’t even look at him. His expressions are killing me.

His face at the beginning of the “shipping” discussion:


His face two seconds later, the moment the term “Toe-bad-elaide” pops out of Addy’s mouth:


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Como eu amo a internet! Vocês são geniais

tobelaide feels

"I live for my sons. I would be lost without them."

Cara, que lindo…

Fanfic !

Hey Frarys e Oncers!

Estou postando uma fanfic crossover das duas series. Essa semana eu postei o segundo capitulo. Aí vai o link:

Espero que gostem !

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Drawing time ! #Francis


The Cipher of Mary Stuart

"After she was married to the dauphin, Mary altered her monogram so that the Greek letter mu was inscribed within the letter phi, to be transliterated as M and F, for Mary and Francis.”

- John Guy, The True Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

"It seems also that Mary’s early French life was never to be forgotten: the cipher combining the Greek letter Phi Φ and M—for Francis and Mary—which the queen had used on her own signet ring after her return to Scotland, is also to be found in the corner of at least four of the Oxburgh panels, yet it was now half a generation since the death of Francis."

- Antonia Fraser, Mary, Queen of Scots 

"This particular cipher is found in many other works associated with Mary: the hidden underside of her signet ring that bore the arms of Scotland, a little silver handbell that belonged to the Queen, on her book stamp, and also on a small cannon."

- Margaret Swain,The Needlework of Mary, Queen of Scots 

In the nearly 30 years that passed between Francis’s death and her own, Mary continued to use the cipher of their intertwined initials as one of her official monograms.

Images: signet ring, book stamp, and needlework panels of Mary, Queen of Scots

Anonymous disse:

What did you think of the last scene between Mary and Francis? I love badass Mary but that broke my shipper heart. I want them to be happy power couple.


I feel you dear anon…I screencaped my emotions about this scene just for you:




Voilà…great scene…I love Fierce Mary…but my Frary heart broke a little
And the promos just made everything worse lol

But it was really awesome to see them plotting together…especially against Catherine lol

*mentally preparing for next week and level 174152 of drama*

Descreveu exatamente as minhas emoções

Frary + Disney couples